Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Constructive Criticism" Sent With Love, Received With Love

So I Get This Telephone Call Yesterday From My Daughter, Erica.  She Prefaces The Conversation By Asking How I'm Doing..Am I Enjoying Painting Again. Blah Blah....Blah...
Then She Eases Into Asking, "Mama, You Know I Love You, Right?" I Answer, "Of Course I Do." She Pauses And Then Eases Into A Second Question, "You Know I Think You're A Great Painter, Right?" I Answer, "Well, You've Always Said I Was."  Then She Pauses Just A Lit'l Longer Before Saying, "Well I Still Think You Are - But Mama, Someone Needs To Tell You That Little Girl You Painted Yesterday, Needs IMPROVEMENT!" 
Ouch!  But Ya Know, I'm So Happy That She Told Me.  And Today I Took A Second Look At My Little Girl, And Went Back Into Her Face And Made Some Upgrades.
I Do Feel She's Seriously Cuter!
I Suppose Sometimes We Spend So Much Time Looking Directly At Particular Subjects Within Our Compositions, That Our Eyes Possibly Begin To Lose Perspective.
I Know This Was Definitely True For Me With This One!  Now I See Another Body Part That I Need To Get Crackin' On.   Bye For Now!


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