Friday, November 29, 2013

Hand Dyed Leather Cuff - by Dimples & Dragonflies

Some Serious Leather-Love Is Happening Here At Dimples & Dragonflies!  Y'all, I've Been Exploring A Few Techniques Leather Artists Employ While Creating Their Crafts, And I Think I'm Bringing Some Of My Own Style To The Table.
For Years As A Visual Artist I Enjoyed Color-Mixing...So In Trying To Achieve Something Different From Professionally-Cut Raw Leather, I Actually Hand Dyed This Particular Cuff - Using Combinations Of Three Separate Colors.  I Really Think The Unity Of My Selections Produced A Sensational Result.
After Drying Overnight, I Waxed And Buffed The Entire Surface.  I'm Lovin' The Soft Sheen.  Muted To The Point Of Catching Just The Right Amount Of Reflection.
I Finished By Adding Two Button Closures For An Adjustable Fit.  This Cuff Will Easily Extend From 6.1/2 - 7.1/2 Inches With A Simple Readjustment Of The Buttons.
Just Wanted To Share What I've Been Up To While Recuperating From Our Holiday Feast. ♥
Hope Every One Enjoyed A Beautiful Thanksgiving!!!

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