Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Focus - The Hidden Driver Of Excellence, Hmm.........

Here It Is The 14th Day Of Another Blessed Year And I Find Myself Runnin' Headlong Into Several  New Adventures.  New Jewelry Designs.  New Canvas Compositions.  New Leather Products.  
For Years I've Been A Soul That Tended To Set Her Eyes And Heart Onto ONE THING At A Time. But It Seems The Older I Get...The More I Want To Learn And Experience Before The Lord Calls Me Home.
As Well As Enjoying My Artistic Side, I Also Enjoy Reading - And Right Now I've Got Three Books Going At Once (Yep, There's That Thirst To Learn Showin' Up Again)!
Anyway..Just Wanted To Give A Shout Out For This One Particularly Good READ.  This Mr. Goleman Sure Has A Way Of Helping Me Embrace The Parts Of Myself That I Haven't Fully Recognized Or Understood Until Now.  Who Knows?  Maybe It's Him..Or Maybe It's Just My Season To See More Clearly. 
At Any Rate, I Think It's Okay To Say Out Loud That I'm Really Lovin' Life Right Now! And I Can Say This With Or Without The Consistency Of Excellence In Any ONE Area Of Narrow Focus In My Day to Day.   I'm Contented.  I'm Still Passionate About Getting Up Every Morning - Still Passionate About The Art Of Creating. And No Matter What I Have My Hands In At Any Given Moment, I'm Armed With The Love Of The Lord, And I'm Ready!  Ready To Receive Whatever Lesson Plan He Has Destined For Me Throughout This Coming Year.