Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paying Homage To The Virtue Of Patience - New Cuff Bracelet From Dimples & Dragonflies

 Woke Up This Morning Feeling On Top Of The World. Thank You Lord!  Embracing Life With Such Joy And Happiness.  Ever Have One Of Those Days When Even Colors Look Brighter?  Well, That Truly Describes My Day.
And Ya Know, When I'm Feeling This Energetic, I Can't Help But Want To Channel It Somewhere! With All That Love And Sunshine Floatin' About, I Thought Why Not Create Something Pretty.
So I Headed To The Studio And Put Together A New Cuff That I'm Actually Quite Pleased With.
I've Secured A Sweet Crucifix To The Exterior And Two Lettered Plates On Either End Of The Interior.  They Respectively Read:  "Patience Is The Mother Of A Beautiful Child"
This Cuff Has Such A Comfortable Fit And I Think It's One That Will Be Perfect For Every Day...
Hope Everyone Enjoyed A Beautiful Weekend!