Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rustic Handforged Cuff Bracelet - New Etsy Listing


With The Temperature Down In The Teens Here In Middle Georgia - I Thought It Might Be Fun To Fire Up My Soldering Torch And Get Busy Today!
The Whole Studio Warmed Up Nicely While I Enjoyed Constructing This Newest Piece!
From A Shiny New Sheet Of Argentium Silver, I Hand Cut This Beautiful Cuff Which Measures A Hefty 1.1/2" Wide And Is 6.1/4" Long.
Using Jeweler's Grade Copper, I Cut And Permanently Attached 3 Separate Plates.  One On The Exterior and 2 On The Interior.  The Front Plate Reads:  "His Love Is The Mirror Of My Heart," And The Two Remaining Plates Read Respectively: "In The Shadow Of His Wings," "I Will Rejoice".
On Either End Of The Exterior, I Included 2 Hearts, A Moon and 2 Stars.  I Know I Tend To Say This With Every New Piece I Create..But Right Now I Can't Stop Thinking Out Of Everything I've Ever Made, Maybe This Is My Favorite!