Friday, January 31, 2014

Street Sauce Leather Works - Coming Spring 2014

Truly Friends - It's Colder Here In Middle Georgia, Than This Southern Girl Can Ever Remember!  We Even Had Some Of The White Stuff Sneak Up On Us A Few Days Past...And This Girl Has Been Hunkered Inside (for the most part) Ever Since!
But As My Mama Always Use To Say..Take What Is Given And Do The Best You Can With It.  So...With Her Words Ringing In My Memory, I Headed To The Studio To Use My Indoors Time Productively..And Created A Few Leather Designs.
With Valentine's Coming And All...I Wanted To Surprise My Husband With A New Kindle Fire Sleeve That I Think He's Gonna Love. I Think There's A Saying That Necessity Is The Mother Of All Creations..And In This Case I'd Say That Surely Applies.
It's A Simple Design.  Perfectly Masculine And Is Definitely A Thing Of Beauty!  I've Been Practicing Some With Machine Sewing.  Now I'm Thinking Of Offering Both Hand-Stitched Pieces Alongside A Few Machine Stitched Pieces.
My Pricing Will Increase With The More Labor-Intensive Designs - So I Thought Why Not Offer A Few Machine Sewn Pieces At Lower Pricing.
This Is A Rear View Of Robert's Sleeve...He Loves The Georgia Bull Dawgs So I Inscribed A Big "G" On The Reverse Side Just As An Added Touch.
This Is The Bottom Of Which I Molded To Fit His Kindle Fire.  The Molding Technique Provides The Perfect Seat For His Device Once It's Slid Into The Sleeve.
Well, I Should Close For Now.  I'll Keep On Practicing With Leather And Hopefully By Spring, I'll Have Some Beautiful Pieces To Offer!
Sending Some Love And Georgia Sunshine To Anyone Who May Have Visited Me Today!