Thursday, March 27, 2014

Choreographing My Own Version Of Springtime Using Mixed-Metals - by Dimples and Dragonflies

This Newest Pendant Was Inspired By All The Springtime Happenings Here In Middle Georgia.  I'm Telling You Friends, Flowers Are Poppin' Up Out Of The Ground Like No Bodies Business. 
Handcrafted Using 20g Sterling Silver And Jeweler's Grade Copper, I Feel I've Happily Choreographed My Own Version Of Spring.  Kind Of Like Painting A Picture Using Metal.
Using A Polished 1" Sterling Disc, I Incorporated Two Copper Studs (mimicking what I feel is Spring Resting Underneath Summer That Is On Its Way) Above Another Copper Slice Representing The Earth.
I Included A Floral Design To Represent The Abundance Of Flowers Rising Up The Greet The Sky Right Now.
Hope Everyone Is Enjoying A Beautiful Thursday!