Friday, March 7, 2014

"Experiencing God's Sunshine" - by Dimples and Dragonflies

Friends, I Need To Openly Share This Morning. I Don't Do This Often - So Please Bear With Me.  
For A Few Weeks Now, I've Been Feeling A Bit Debilitated.  Emotional Struggles That Have Surely Affected All My Pathways.  Those In My Spiritual Life.  My Home Life.  My Work Life...My Christian Life. And Last, But Probably Most Profoundly, My Online-Personal Computer-Life. 
I Think Sometimes We Irrationally Expect The World To Stop When We Personally Walk Into A Wall Of Misery.  But In Truth The World Goes On Whether Or Not We're There To Participate Or Not.  And Certainly I Know Struggle Happens To Everyone At One Time Or Another.  I've Read Their Stories..Listened While Friends (online and in real life) Spilled Their Testimonies - Unleashing Their Own Voices Of Debilitation.  But I Have To Tell You...Somehow When It's "Your Turn" At Bat With This Invisible, Heartless Viper - It's Just Different!
But I Also Have To Tell You Once You're Committed To The Walk - Everything - and I do Mean Everything - Suddenly Seems Uncomfortably Magnified!  
But Now, Permit Me To Tell You Why I'm Here Sharing All This Today.  I'll Be More Direct, Okay.  It's About Promises!  God's Promises.
 He Came To Sit With Me While I Ate My Breakfast Cereal This Morning.  He Was With Me While I Consciously Took Note Of The Sun Blasting Its Way Through The Deep Blue Georgian Sky. I Could Literally Feel Him..Gentle Yet Strong, All Knowing, Resilient, And 100 Percent Optimistic. 
It Struck Me Right Then, Right There, That Today I Knew With Total Understanding, That God Was With Me!  In That Moment He Let Me Feel His Presence!  Literally!  I Felt Him In My Bones!  In My Heart!  In The Air I Breathed!   I Don't Know Any Other Way To Put This, But To Say That At That Very Moment I Know That I Know That "My Personal Landscape" As A Human Being, Had Changed.  My Direct Connectedness To This World (online and off), Had Changed.
As A Christian - As A True Believer In All Things Scriptural - I Have Always Believed In God.  I've Always Innately Known There Is Only One True, Omnipotent Lord.  The God That Created Every Living Thing In The Universe.  So It Wasn't A Real Stretch For Me To Believe He Allowed Me To Soak Up His Presence This Morning. 
 And Today I Walked Away Truly Believing He Kept His Promise To Me Personally.  Over The Course Of The Past Few Weeks, I Sincerely Believe He Has Literally Been Holding My Spiritual Hand, Leading Me Closer Each Day - Up To The Sunshine! 
There It Was - Right In Front Of My Eyes - The Beauty Of An Ending Struggle - Screaming Out To Me Within Golden Streams Of Georgian Sunshine!  Over A Warm Bowl Of Breakfast Cereal No Less!!!!!
Thank You God For Loving Me! Thank You For Never Leaving Me - In The Good Times And The Not So Good!
Friends, I've Learned That Unwilling Intimacy With Struggle Is A True Waste Of Time.  Our Spirits Have To Experience The Difficult Times In Order To Fully Appreciate The Good Ones!  And Through It All - We Have His Promise That We Never Walk Alone. 
And Perhaps As Some Of You Read This, My Voice May Lend Only A Small Weight To Your Own Separate Beliefs And Personal Struggles...But I'm Just So Anchored To His Love This Morning...My Heart Is Spinning After Experiencing Time With Such A Formidable, Powerful, Yet Loving Spirit As That Of Our Creator.  You Can Appraise My Words Here Today As You See Fit...But I Simply Wanted To Share A Wonderful Experience With You.  Know This If Nothing Else...That Truly No Matter What Hardship Or Trouble You Might Be Experiencing Today...God Promises A Brighter Tomorrow.  He Won't Let You Down!  If You Happen To Be Struggling Today, Please Hold On...I Received My Special Favor Today...You Could Very Well Receive Yours' In The Next Few Weeks, Tomorrow, Or Right At This Very Second!
Just Don't Give Up!  God, In All His Wholeness And Beauty And Love, Will Never Leave You!