Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thank You God For The Sweetest Friend In The Whole Wide World - Diana From Lagoa Designs

While Doing Dishes This Afternoon, I Hear The Door Bell Ring.  Upon Opening The Front Door, There Stands The Postman With An Overseas Delivery Slip That Needed To Be Signed. My Mind Suddenly Races, "Hmm..I Don't Recall Ordering Anything Other Than My New Computer, But It Arrived Two Days Ago. HMMMMMM."
I Thank The Postman, Close The Door And Notice Immediately My Package Is Postmarked From Latvia in Northern Europe...And I Knew Instantly That I Only Had One Friend Living There.  Her Name Is Diana And She Operates A Jewelry Design Business Entitled:  "LAGOA DESIGNS"
I Met The Lovely Diana Right Here Through Blogger, And Through Her Loving Gesture Today I'm Reminded Once Again How Awesome God Almighty Is.  Truly...His Unexpected Acts Of Love And Kindness Like This, Still Surprise Me Even At My Age. 
You See Friends, I Have Had An Awfully Stressful Week.  And I Know That I Know..God Orchestrated The Arrival Of This Thoughtfully Loving Gift At Just The Right Moment.  A Moment That Swept In And Lifted My Spirit Like Nothing Has In Such A Long While.
I Did Some Serious Praising Over My Tabletop While Opening This Cherished Gift!  I'm Not Ashamed To Openly Admit I Actually Wept While Pulling The Ribbon Apart And Lifting The Lid To The Beautifully Wrapped Box!
It's A Gorgeous, Handmade Hair Clip...Reminiscent Of Those That Fashionable Ladies Wore During The Victorian Era.  Diana Meticulously Creates All Her Floral Designs From Clay..Then Adds Beautiful Crystal Beading To Accentuate Her Floral Pieces. 
Each And Every Piece She Designs Is Stunning!  If You'd Like To Explore Her Work Further; Here's The Link To Her Shop:

There Is A March Wedding Coming Up In My Family, And My Cherished Gift Is Going To Be A Perfect Hair Accessory!  Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart Diana!  For Continuing To Share Your Friendship With Me After All This Time On Blogger.  For Also Following The Heavenly-Nudge-On-Your-Spirit When God Encouraged Your Heart To Send This Beloved Gift To Me!  I'm So Touched...Truly, You Lifted My Very Soul This Afternoon And I Will Never Forget Your Loving Kindness! xoxo Terri

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