Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gettin' Adventurous With Handcrafted Ring Designs - Dimples and Dragonflies

For A While Now, I've Been Experimenting With Ring-Design.  It's Been Fun Adding Quotes To The Few I've Completed So Far...And I'm Just Enjoying The Process As I Continue To Learn New Techniques, And Tweak Those I'm Already Familiar With.
I Think My Style Tends To Lean Towards The Rugged, Organic Look.  Designs That Are Clean And Simple And Easily Worn Everyday Without A Lot Of Fuss And Fanciness.

So In The Days Ahead, I'll Continue To Strive To Bring A Quality Product To Dimples and Dragonflies.  Some Newer, More Expressive Designs That Will Still Be Rugged And Uncomplicated, But Both Nice To Look At As Well As Affordable.