Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Amazing Grace - New Cuff Bracelet Design From Dimples and Dragonflies

Friends, I Once Was Lost And Now I'm Found!  I Was 9 Years Old The Day Jesus Moved Fully Into My Heart!  And Yes, I've Had Times When My Feet And Spirit Didn't Walk In The Same Righteous Path As I Promised They Would That Day.  But That's Probably The Best Part...Through Amazing Grace, I Was Able To Ask And Receive Another Heavenly Pardon...and another...and another...
This Is A Time Of Year When My Spiritual Side Really Begins To Take Over.  I Believe It's Because Of The Weather Changes..The Leaves On The Trees Turning Crisp and Dry, Before Falling Away From The Branch.  Kind Of Reminds Me Of How My Spirit Felt During Times When I Fell Away From Walking Completely With Christ. Dry. Unnourished. Each Time Ending With Falling To My Knees To Ask For Another Chance To Be Whole Again.
Just Thought I'd Share Why I'm Creating So Many New Spiritual Pieces Of Late.  Right Now I'm Just Filled With So Much Thankfulness And Appreciation..Knowing God Loves Us So Much, That He Repeatedly Offers His Children "Amazing Grace."