Friday, October 17, 2014

It's A Soul Thing and Openings In Heaven - Two New Quote Cuffs Now Available at Dimples and Dragonflies

During The Past Few Days, I've Been Immersed In Searching For Special Verses To Incorporate Into New Cuff Bracelets.  I Always Look For That Perfect Combination Of Heart and Soul In My Searches.  I Think You Know What I Mean...Meaningful, Heartfelt, and Sincere.
I'm Also Kind Of Obsessed Right Now, In Finding Some Beautifully Written Short Verses That I Can Inscribe Onto My Rings.  I'm Telling You True..I'm Finding Myself Actually Dreaming Of A Certain Place Following A Truly Soulful Verse-Find.  
Hmm..How Do I Say This?  Well, I Just Think It's Pretty Amazing, Seeing How Most Of Which Are Heaven Related. Yes, I Can Say It Out Loud, I Have Been Sleep-Walking Through Some Pretty Glorious Scenes!
Of Course I Know My Dreams Will Be Nothing Compared To What Heaven Will Really Be Like...But I Have To Say, The Fore Tasting Is Wonderful...And I Pray Almost Every Day That Jesus Lets Me In When It's My Time. 
On That Note, I'll Humbly Close.  Hoping Everyone Enjoys A Beautiful Weekend!