Friday, November 21, 2014

Openings From Heaven - New Cuff Design From Dimples and Dragonflies

I'm In-Love With This Newest Quote Bracelet!  It Came To Me By Way Of A Customer Request, And I Liked It So Much, I've Added It To My Dimples and Dragonflies Etsy Store.
I Was Told The Quotation Was Originally Written By A Sage Old Eskimo...But All I'm Sure Of Is That It Touched My Heart.  The Wording Reminded Me Of The Countless Times I've Personally Star Gazed.  The Countless Times I've Wondered What Lies Beyond The Brilliance Of The Night Sky.
Hope Everyone Had A Beautiful Week...And Will Enjoy An Even More Beautiful Weekend Ahead!
Sending Love And Warmest Blessings To All Who Might Have Popped By!