Monday, March 2, 2015

A Tapestry Of Color For The Wrist - Dimples & Dragonflies

Friends, I Recently Took Up Bead Weaving, And I Love It! So Many Patterns To Choose From, And So Many Luscious Colors.  I Have Collected Beads From As Far Back As I Can Remember, And Now I Really Get A Chance To Enjoy Them With This Newest Technique. 
The One Pictured Definitely Has A Native American Influence.  I Chose Mellow Colors To Represent The Earth And Sky (green grass and pale blue like the sky).  I Also Added Some Rich Reds Just Because I Thought They Complimented My Other Choices So Well.  
I'll Be Introducing A Few Of My Newest Creations As Soon As I Can Get Them Photographed For My Etsy Shop.