Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Music Is The Sound God Makes When He Smiles." New Cuff Bracelet From Dimples and Dragonflies

Friends, Due To Springtime Activities I've Been Away For Awhile. I've Been Visiting Loved Ones, Catching Up On Lawn Work, And In Between All This Trying To Create Some New Designs For Dimples and Dragonflies.

This Particular Inscription Occurred To Me One Afternoon While I Labored Away Potting Up Some Flower Seedlings.  I Had My Ear Buds In Listening To My iPod And It Just Came To Me...Those Beautiful Melodies I Was Hearing Was Perhaps God's Way Of Letting Us Know He Was Smiling Down On Us All.  I Imagined His Face Beaming With A Joy-Filled Smile, and It Just Made Me Think...