Sunday, August 2, 2015

Classes and Preparing Work Benches - Dimples and Dragonflies

A Brief Update On Dimples and Dragonflies! For The Past Two Months I've Been Blissfully Preparing My New Shop Benches while Eagerly Exploring New Metalworking Techniques.  So Much To Say and Still So Much To Learn!
My Newest Workshops Have Consisted Of Learning The Trials and Errors Of Working With Enamels. As Well As Some New Techniques Working With PMC.  I've Also Been Learning How To Saw Into My Metal Correctly...Without Continually Breaking My Blades!!!
Also I've Been Learning The Proper Execution Of Working With The Torch.  Initially I Plan To Set My Soldering Bench Up With Two Tanks Consisting Of Oxygen And Propane. Maybe I'll Change Gas Sources In The Future But For Now I'm Lovin' How Clean Propane Seems To Burn.
Right Now I Also Seem To Be Further In Love With Argentium Silver. I've Used It In The Past For My Stamped Bracelets, But I'm Learning Now To Cut and Manipulate It In A Whole New Way.  The Properties Of This Metal Seem Whiter and Brighter To Me Than With Sterling Silver. And There's Less Issue With Firescale Too.  And You Won't Believe How This Particular Metal Polishes Up.  Really PURDY Stuff....   
Friends At This Point, More Than Anything Else, I Seem To Be Really Focusing On Design and Technique.  When I Started Back in 2014, I Mainly Chose Working Primarily with Mixed-Media Jewelry Design.  But Presently I Seem To Be Moving Away From Resin and Stamping, And In The Days Ahead I'll Be Working More With Metal Exclusively.
I Just Hope My New Classes Pay Off In The Way Of Creating Designs That Y'all Will Enjoy. I've Always Been Attracted To Elements Like Stars, Hearts, Flowers and Crosses.  So Plan To See Many Of These Type Embellishments In My Upcoming Designs.
See You Soon!