Friday, August 28, 2015

Fresh From My Workbench - New Sterling Silver Saddle Ring

Fresh From My New Work Bench!

Hand Cut, Hand Formed, Filed and Polished! With 2 Shot Flower Beads and 2 Matching Silver Balls To Accent The Stamped Surface Texture.

This Ring Makes A Grande Statement And Has A Very Comfortable Fit! It Will Cover Your Knuckle And Rest Along The Base Of Your Finger But Will Not Impede Articulation.

I Made The Band Large Enough To Be Easily Worn On Your Index, or Mid Finger.

This Saddle Ring Is Gorgeous And I Put Some Serious Time Into Its Creation. Truly A Beautiful Handmade Work Of Art!

Metal: Sterling Silver
Ring Size: 9.5
Band Width: 13mm (Just Over 1/2 Inch)
Texture: Hand Stamped
Finish: Polished Satin

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