Sunday, March 6, 2016

You Just Never Know!

I'm Smiling With Such Joy As I Write This! And I Know It's Been A While Since I've Posted Anything, But Sometimes Life and Its Many Responsibilities - Simply Takes Over!
Such Is The Case When Three Weeks Ago, My Husband and I Discovered A Very Nearly Feral Cat At Our Backdoor. Poor Thing Looked Emaciated and Dirty, But Looked At Us With The Eyes Of An Angel. Tender and Needy, Yet Scared To Allow Us Near Her.
Now Look At Her! In The Beginning, She Would Always Run Away At The Slightest Movement Towards Her. But We Knew She Needed Nourishment So We Started Leaving a Dish Of Food By The Door; Closing It Between Us So She'd Feel Safe, And She Would Eat Like There Was No Tomorrow. 
She Eventually Allowed Us To Pet Her, But Very Sparingly. But As Days Moved Forward, We Gradually Moved The Food Dish Inside and Kept The Door Opened Until She Finished Eating So She Knew She'd Have Had Access To The Outdoors If She Needed It.
Then One Day Along The Way, We Closed The Door While She Ate.  She Didn't Like It Much and Gave Us A Concerned Look, But She Continued To Eat Her Meal and When She Finished She Paced Around The Door Anxiously, Wanting Us To Set Her Free Again.
We Did.  But During The Next Few Feedings, She Became Less And Less Afraid To Stay In Our Environment With The Door Closed.
Mind You, This Was All Occurring While I Was Trying To Keep My Attendance Strong In Some New Metal Working Classes. I Really Didn't Have Time To Notice Much More Progress Over The Following 2 Weeks With Callie, Other Than To Notice She Looked Better Physically and Seemed To Be Better Contented With Her New Home.
FAST FORWARD:  Within Five Weeks Of Joining Our Family, Callie Seemed To Be Fattening Up.  I Initially Thought Somehow We Had Been Inadvertently Overfeeding Her, But SURPRISE, You Know The Rest!
Friday, Miss Callie Made Us Proud Parents Of Six Of The Most Adorable Baby Kittens. Instead Of God Blessing Our Home With One New Addition By Bringing Callie To Us, He Has Now Doubly Blessed Us With Her Beautiful Babies As Well.
Life. Day After Day It Unapologetically Expects Much From Us In The Way Of Energy and Responsibility. But You Just Never Know When Your Feet Hit The Floor, When Your Next Blessing Is Going To Show Up.