Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dimples & Dragonflies Reopening on Etsy

Dimples & Dragonflies Will Be Reopening on Etsy MONDAY APRIL 25th.
I've Taken Some Time Off To Restock My Studio With New Sheet Metals, Decorative Components and Accessories, Along With Some Sweet Stones I'll Be Incorporating Into New Designs.
I Also Plan To Bring Back Some Of My Wider Sterling Quote Bracelets on My Return. I've Had So Many Inquiries Regarding Them, Till I Know Now They've Been Missed.  I'm Listening...and Will Definitely Be Adding A Couple Back Into My Shop's Listings.
During My Vacation Time, I've Been Filling My Mind With Beautiful Thoughts...Breathing...Relaxing...Tuning Out All The Stress The World Sometimes Holds, And Allowing My Heart To Just Soar!   
Hope You'll Come By To Visit Dimples & Dragonflies For My Reopening.